Microsoft Excel

Create your own AutoFill List

Excel AutoFill recognizes certain values (for example, January, Sunday, Quarter 1) as part of a larger list. When you drag the Fill Handle from a cell containing one of these values then Excel fills the cells with the appropriate series. However, you're not stuck with just the few lists that Excel recognized out of the box. You're free to define your own AutoFill lists, as I showed in the following steps:

  1. Click Office Button Office Button on left top of Excel window and then click Excel Options to display the Excel Options dialog box.

  2. Click Popular and then click Edit Custom Lists to open the Custom Lists dialog box as shown in figure below.

    Excel 2007 Options > Popular Tab to Edit Custom Lists

  3. In the Custom Lists box, click New List. An insertion point appears in the List Entries box.

  4. Type an item from your list into the List Entries box and press Enter. Repeat this step for each item. (Make sure that you add the items in the order in which you want them to appear in the series.)

    If you already have the list in a worksheet range, click Import List from Cells edit box and enter a reference to the range and then click the Import button to add the list to the Custom Lists box. See the following figure.
     Use the Custom Lists tab to create your own lists that Excel can fill in automatically using the AutoFill feature

  5. Click Add to add the list to the Custom Lists box, click OK and click OK again to back to worksheet.

  6. If you need to delete a custom list, select it in the Custom Lists box and then click the Delete button.