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How to model a Knife or Dagger in Blender 3D?

In this tutorial I'll explain the making of knife with the help of Blender (a free and open 3D software). In first few steps, we'll model the knife. We'll start modeling it by making it's handle and then blade. Later, We'll apply material and in the final steps we'll make a scene by adding ground, walls and some knives scattered around. We'll also apply texture and lighting to the ground and walls.

  1. Delete the cube, and add the cylinder in it's place, since we are going to make it's handle first.

  2. It's better if we work in quad view. You can go into the quad view by pressing CTRL + ALT + Q.

  3. We will decrease the length of the cylinder. It's better to work in wireframe mode because if we select using border or circular selection, we can even select the vertices that are at the back side of the object and are not selectable in Solid mode. Press Z to go into the wireframe mode.

    Add four Edge Loops horizontally, by pressing CTRL + R and then pressing 4 key and click Left Mouse Button.

  4. Select the two edge loops in the center by pressing ALT + SHIFT + right mouse button on the two edge loops.

  5. Now, we are going to resize it by pressing S+SHIFT+Z. This will resize the edge loops only on X and Y axis. It won't affect Z axis.

  6. We can switch to Object mode by pressing TAB button. We will resize the whole object, we will decrease the size on Yaxis. Select the object, press S + Y keys and hover your mouse to decrease the size.

  7. Now, you can repeat what we just did or you can go to the modifiers tab and add Subdivision Surface modifier and then Array modifier. We will change the parameter of X to 0 and Z to 0.9. Change the count to 6, Select the merge.


  8. You result could be like this.

  9. To fix it, we can go to the Edit mode, On the mesh select uppermost loop by Alt+right mouse button keys.

  10. Press E key. Repeat the same procedure for the bottom loop.

  11. You can apply the Array modifier but you can turn off the visibility for the Subdivision Surface by clicking the eye key .

  12. We need to make changes the lower part of upper part of the handle.

  13. Next we are going to make the blade of the knife. So, in the front view, press SHIFT + A. Add a plane. For our own convenience, we can go to front view from View > Front. You may also switch to orthographic mode by pressing Num 5.

  14. You will notice that the plane is located at the cursor, so to change it's position we press G + Z, doing this move the plane on Z axis. And, when it's at a suitable position we rotate it on the X axis by 90 degrees by pressing R+X+90 and enter.

  15. We shall resize it so that it looks suitable. Go into edit mode by pressing TAB button.

  16. Press W, a menu will pop up, click subdivide. Repeat this process twice.

  17. We want to make hole in the blade, so we will select the vertices of the corner of the square that's in the centre. As shown below.

  18. Press S key and hover your mouse to bring them closer to each other, so that we have a circle like shape.

  19. Delete the center vertex to make a hole.

  20. We can go into the quad view if we want. Press A to select everything and then press E to extrude. We don't have to make the blade very thick.

  21. Now, we can go into the wireframe mode by pressing Z. We select the upper part and extrude it.

  22. Now, we will give it the shape of blade by continuously extruding it. We can also use a reference image.

  23. As you can see, on one side , I am making a semi circle, and on the other side vertices are going towards the opposite side.

  24. In the end, we will resize it X and Z axis. You can pull up the vertices to increase the length of the blade.

  25. Now, we can adjust the size and final results looks like this.

  26. Now, we are going to apply the Subdivision Surface with the following settings.

  27. We are going to turn on the visibility for the handle.

  28. The result should look like this. Don't apply the modifier yet.

  29. Now, we are going to create the sharp edge of the blade. Select the blade and go into the edit mode by pressing the TAB button. Select the most left edge by pressing ALT + right mouse button. Now, while in the top view, press the G key twice and hover your mouse till the selected edge meets with the other one.

  30. Now press A twice to select whole vertices. Then press W, a menu will pop up select remove doubles. Now select the edge right next to it and press SHIFT + E and hover your mouse so that the edge becomes sharper and then click left mouse button.

  31. The result looks like this. We can now apply the modifiers, just click apply by going into the modifiers tab.

On next page we'll apply material to our model