MS FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor and Web site administration tool. FrontPage provides Web designers and developers the ability to create web sites with ease.


FrontPage Intorduction to: Site management, Site publishing, Templates and wizards, Collaboration tools, Integration with Microsoft Office.

Creating a Basic Web Page

This tutorial will help you to making a basic web page in FrontPage. And shows some features which will speedup your work like: Hands-on editing (you have not need to write code); Speed: tasks that are extremely tedious when coding manually; visual aids. FrontPage provides diagrams to help manage; guidance. FrontPage menus and toolbars provide direction that's lacking in an all-text HTML world.

Working with Text

This tutorials covers the following: Inserting spaces between paragraphs and words; adding special characters, selection and move of text; format characters like change color, size; formatting of paragraphs, aligning and spacing etc.


This tutorial described: what hyperlinks are, what url's are, differnece between absolute & relative urls, working with hyperlinks and tooltips...

Work with Images

This tutorial covers the following: Image Files on the Web; Adding Pictures; formatting pictures; Adding Videos and Flash Movies; Saving Image Files; Creating an Image Map; Creating Thumbnails; Adding a Photo Gallery; Adding a Background Picture.


You'll learn: introduction to tables, rows cells, how to insert table, formatting of table and cells and FrontPage layout tables.


You'll learn: Deciding Whether to Use Frames; Creating Frames and Framesets; Editing Frameset Content; Hyperlinking from Frames; Creating Inline Frames; Alternatives to Frames.

Cascading Style Sheets

You'll learn: inroduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets); create an external style sheet; create embeded style sheet; applying style; understanding to styles behavior.


You'll learn: layers types; how to create, select and modify layers; how to resize and position layers and working with nesting layers.

DHTML: Adding Interactivity

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create rollover buttons, cascading menus, play sounds, and display pop-up windows and messages. You can even automatically reroute your visitors to a different Web page. You'll learn to do all these things with FrontPage DHTML (short for Dynamic HTML) effects and behaviors.

Creating and Structuring Your Web Site

This tutorial will help you tackle important decisions that rear up when you start building a Web site: what FrontPage tools should you use to create your site? Where should you save your site? What should you name it? Once you get going, you'll also need to know how to store and organize all the files that you're creating.

Themes, Link Bars, and Templates

You'll learn, how to use FrontPage's themes, linkbars, and page banners. Create page templates and dynamic web templates and more.

Testing your site

This tutorial will give you tips about testing, like: validation, accessibility, testing with different browsers, html optimization, hyperlinks testing and usage of FrontPage tool REPORTS.

Publishing your Site

You'll learn: Microsoft Web Server Technologies: FrontPage Server Extensions; Windows SharePoint Services; SharePoint Team Services; Authoring Modes; Setting Publishing Preferences for FrontPage, how to open remote web site in FrontPage, and how to Cleanup Code.

Collaboration Tools

When you bring additional authors into the mix, the whole process of creating a Web site gets more complicated. You'll learn how to assign pages, how to control over documents, and how to assign task to differnt webmasters.

Gathering Data with Forms

This tutorial introduces you to forms and the many ways FrontPage lets you manage them. You can create your own form manually or use a FrontPage form template (a ready-made form-creating tool). You'll learn how to collect the data you're receiving in a variety of formatsfrom email to text files, or you can even pipe the info you're gathering into a database. And you'll also learn a few form-related tricks, like how to make sure that visitors fill in certain fields and how to let them know they've successfully filled out and submitted your form.

Working with Databases

This tutorial shows you how to set up FrontPage so that you can easily tap into data storehouses and fill your pages with whatever info you want to retrieve. You'll also learn how to add a search feature to your site. As usual, you can do it all without a lick of programming knowledge.

Interacting with a Database

This tutorial teaches you how to create what is essentially a Web-based application that lets visitors work directly with a database. After you learn how to create this tool, you'll see exactly how it works within a browser.

Integrating FrontPage with Office Programs

When you're transferring material into FrontPage from another Office program, there are some basic dos and don'ts, all of which you'll read about in this tutorial. You'll learn about incorporating actual Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files into your site. You'll also see how to convert them into a more Web-friendly format and find out about a few other options for getting information out of Office and up on your Web site.