MS FrontPage


These days, almost everybody's got a Web site from your local sewing circle to the world's largest corporations. So, why not you? Maybe you're finally ready to put up that family Web site or get your shop online. Or perhaps it's just time the world knew more about your pet llama collection. Whatever the reason, FrontPage 2003 has everything you need to join the crowd.

The program is ready to help a little, or a lot whichever you please.

If you're the kind of person who likes everything done lickety-split, with a minimum of technical fussing, FrontPage is your dream come true. Answer a few questions, and FrontPage will create your entire Web site for you. (Really.) If you're not ready to cede quite that much control, you can ask the program to handle only those jobs you don't care to do yourself. For example, FrontPage can help the design-challenged add an eye-pleasingly coordinated set of colors, fonts, and buttons throughout your site.

On the other hand, maybe you're a do-it-yourself type with very specific ideas about what should go into your site and how everything should look. If that's the case, FrontPage's cookie-cutter solutions probably aren't flexible enough to suit you. In fact, the program's reputation for automating everything may even disturb you a bit. Don't worry. You can bypass the canned options and create a completely custom site. The latest release of FrontPage includes new features that make it easy to create a site from scratch. In short: if you're a Web purist, the program is now better than ever at getting out of your way.

The main goal of this tutorial is to lay out all your options clearly. Once you know what FrontPage 2003 has to offer, you can decide which tools are right for you.