MS FrontPage

The Very Basics

As you read this tutorial, you'll encounter some basic terms that you need to know, if you don't know them already.

  • Clicking. While learning FrontPage, your computer's mouse or trackpad will be getting a workout. You'll come across a few basic terms for handling this tool. To click is to hold your arrow cursor over an item, then press and release the button on the left. To double-click is to click the left button twice rapidly. To drag is to move the cursor while continuing to press the button. To right-click is to click the button on the right side of your device once.

  • Keyboard shortcuts. Many a computer whiz can't bear to remove his hands from the keyboard. These individuals thrive on the speed they achieve when they don't have to waste precious time moving one hand over to the mouse. For them, and anyone else, this tutorial contains keyboard shortcuts for menu items wherever possible. For instance, Ctrl+C is the keyboard shortcut for Copy in FrontPage. It means hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the C key.

  • Menu. As in most other software programs, the FrontPage menu bar appears at the top of the program's main window. It looks like a horizontal list of words. These words are actually headings for groups of commands. To display and select commands, click on a heading. Then scroll down and click your selection. You can also drag down to an item and select it by releasing the mouse button.