Microsoft Excel

Filling a Range

If you need to fill a range with a particular value or formula, Excel gives you the some methods:

  • Select the range you want to fill, type the value or formula, and press Ctrl+Enter. Excel fills the entire range with whatever you entered in the formula bar.

  • Enter the initial value or formula, select the range you want to fill (including the initial cell), and then on the Home tab, in the Editing group click Fill. Then choose the appropriate command from the submenu that appears. For example, if you're filling a range down from the initial cell, choose the Down command. If you've selected multiple sheets, use Home tab, Editing group, Fill, Across Worksheets to fill the range in each worksheet.

    Filling Range

  • Use the fill handle Fill Handle to fill a range with a value or formula. To do this, enter your initial values or formulas, select them, and then click and drag the fill handle Fill Handle over the destination range. When you release the mouse button, Excel fills the range.

What is Fill Handle?

The fill handle Fill Handle is the small black square in the bottom-right corner of the active cell or range. This versatile little tool can do many useful things, including create a series of text or numeric values and fill, clear, insert, and delete ranges.

Fill Handle example