Imagine That!

From structure to well-formatted text, to great imagery and interactive features, you've sure come a long way in three short tutorials.

Of course, if you're getting frustrated because all of this seems very much like building a house while you're imagining how it's going to be decorated, that's understandable. It's important to keep in mind that building great web pages in today's world means taking the extra time to organize your materials, have clear goals, and take pride in the crafting of your documents.

As with a home, the better the foundation, the more well-built and finely crafted the structure, the easier it will be to make aesthetic modifications. This is really what we're after by taking the time to build our pages correctly. Just something as simple as placing all your images in an image directory, scripts in a script directory, and additional media in corresponding directories means having an internal site structure that will grow with you instead of causing collapse as your site grows and changes to meet your needs.

Imagine if you hadn't taken the time early on to build the structure well. Take the advice of professional web developers who have learned the hard way: Not building the infrastructure well can lead to all kinds of expensive, time-consuming, and downright frustrating problems along the way.

Now that you're a bit more organized in terms of your document, text, and image and media management, it's time to get fancier. In the next tutorial, you'll be learning how to build effective tables. Once the holy grail of how websites were laid out visually, tables are being revisited for their structural integrity.

What we're learning is that CSS is a lot more efficient and flexible for the presentational aspects of our site, but tables can be extremely useful for displaying a range of information in effective ways. Depending upon your needs, you might find tables an excellent way of managing data, further assisting your site visitors to easily get to and understand the information you're sharing with them.