Wrapping It Up

Being able to properly format text and manage content goes a long way toward helping you create a web page that makes sense not only to you and other people who might update your documents, but to those good folks who visit your site as well.

Advantages to well-formatted content include these:

  • Site visitors will have a clear understanding of your site's intent.

  • You can help guide your visitors through the site in a way that that makes sense.

  • You will keep your content well organized.

  • Your links will be carefully thought out and, therefore, will be more useful to your audience.

  • You can persuade your visitors through your text content and links to visit other areas of your site, especially those areas where you most want them.

Essentially, the way you manage text and linking will ensure not only that your content is king, but that your site visitors feel like royalty while visiting, too.

Text Isn't Everything

Of course, text isn't the only way in which we can persuade, entertain, and inform our guests. Adding images, media, and interactive options can go a very long way to making the experience of your web site a rich one.

So, next up, I'll be showing you how to add images, media, and scripts to your documents. If it seems a little early in the game to be jumping into what might feel like a more complex topic, worry not! The idea is to get you putting your knowledge to work right away, in satisfying and fun ways that will keep you interested in learning more, too.