F-Type connectors are screw on connections used for attaching coaxial cable to devices. In the world of modern networking, F-Type connectors are most commonly associated with connecting Internet modems to cable or satellite Internet provider's equipment. However, they are also used for connecting to some proprietary peripherals.

F-Type connectors have a 'nut' on the connection that provides something to grip as the connection is tightened by hand. If necessary, this nut can be also be lightly gripped with pliers to aid disconnection. Figure 7 shows an example of an F-Type connector.

Figure 7 F-Type connector.

Fiber Connectors

A variety of connectors are associated with fiber cabling, and there are several ways of connecting these connectors. These include bayonet, snap-lock, and push-pull connectors. Figure 8 shows the fiber connectors.

Figure 8 Fiber connectors. (Reproduced with permission from Computer Desktop Encyclopedia. � 1981-2005 The Computer Language Company Inc. All rights reserved.)