The winipcfg Command

On a Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Me systems, the winipcfg command is used in addition to the ipconfig command. The difference between the two utilities is that winipcfg is a graphical utility.

In basic mode, winipcfg shows information including the Media Access Control (MAC) address and IP address of the interface, the subnet mask, and the default gateway. For detailed information, similar to that produced with ipconfig /all, a More Info button allows you to switch into a much more detailed screen.

The same troubleshooting scenarios, with the same solutions, apply to winipcfg as to ipconfig. Table 9 lists some solutions to common problems.

Table 9 Common Troubleshooting Problems That winipcfg Can Help Solve


Field to Check in winipcfg Output

User is unable to connect to any other system.

Check that the TCP/IP address and subnet mask are correct. If using DHCP, make sure DHCP is enabled.

User is able to connect to other system on the same subnet, but is not able to connect to a remote system.

Check that the default gateway is correctly configured.

User is unable to browse the Internet.

Make sure the DNS server paramenters are configured correctly.

User is unable to browse across remote subnets.

Make sure the WINS or DNS server parameters are configured correctly (if applicable).