Troubleshooting Operating System Connectivity

If you are struggling with operating system connectivity issues, consider the following:

  • Username/password Make sure that users are logging on to the network with the correct username/password combination.

  • Configuration It might be necessary to confirm that the network settings on the client computer have not changed.

  • Account activity You need to verify that the user has an active account on the network and that it has the correct permissions set. Log on with a known working account from the client's system, which will allow you to isolate the problem to the computer or the user account.

  • Physical connections You should check to see if a cable has come unplugged from the client's system.

  • NIC To confirm that a card is working, you might need to swap out the card with one that is known to be working.

Troubleshooting Network Printing

Printing is one of the services that network users expect to be working, and it is the administrator's job to make sure that it is available. When trying to get printing back up and running on the network, confirm the following:

  • Printer online status You should confirm that the printer is online and ready to go. If there is a problem with the printer itself, the printer might display error messages on an LCD panel or use LEDs to indicate a problem.

  • Printer functioning Nearly all printers have a test print feature. You can use it to make sure that the printer itself is functioning correctly.

  • Printer connectivity Verify that the printer is visible to the network. If the printer is connected directly to the network using TCP/IP, for instance, you can ping the printer to test for connectivity.

  • Client configuration Ensure that the computers that are trying to access the printer are configured correctly to use that printer.

  • Permissions On many operating systems, it is possible to set permissions to allow or deny users access to a printer. You need to verify that the correct permissions have been set.

  • Check logs Network operating systems log printer activity. Monitoring printer logs can often provide clues as to the source of a problem.

  • Driver software If you are having problems isolating a printing issue, consider reinstalling or replacing the printer driver.