Getting Started with XSL

It's necessary because XSL is a more complex style sheet technology than CSS, so there is no way to thoroughly cover style sheets without things getting a little messy. Fortunately, as you learn in this tutorial, XSL is a technology that has considerably more to offer than CSS.

XSL is designed to do a whole lot more than just format XML content for display purposes; it gives you the ability to completely transform XML documents. You learn in this tutorial how to transform XML documents into HTML documents that can be viewed in web browsers. Additionally, you should realize that the extra complexity in XSL is quite worth the learning curve because of its immense power and flexibility.

In this tutorial, you'll learn

  • The basics of XSL and the technologies that comprise it
  • The building blocks of the XSL Transformation (XSLT) language
  • How to wire an XSL style sheet to an XML document
  • How to develop an XSLT style sheet