MS FrontPage

Creating Thumbnails

Sometimes you need to include a group of pictures on one page, but in trying to do this, you encounter some problems. Maybe the pictures are too big to fit on one page, or your page is taking ages to download.

FrontPage includes a handy feature for inserting pictures as thumbnails, which are just miniature versions of graphic files. This section shows you how to create thumbnails. For a similar effect, skip ahead to Section 4.7.2 to learn about FrontPage's Photo Gallery option, which helps you add some nifty formatting and commentary options to a collection of photos.

AutoThumbail Feature

You can create a thumbnail out of any image file in your site. First, insert the fullsized picture on your Web page. Select it and choose Tools » Auto Thumbnail, or press Ctrl+T. You can also right-click and select Auto Thumbnail, or click the Auto Thumbnail button on the toolbar.

If you drag the picture onto the page with your right mouse button, a menu displays. Select Auto Thumbnail.

FrontPage converts the picture to a thumbnail. Thumbnails automatically link to their larger versions. During this process, FrontPage actually creates a new smaller image file, which the program prompts you to save next time you save the page.

FrontPage also adds a border to the thumbnail. If you want to get rid of it, right click the thumbnail and select Picture Properties. On the Appearance tab, change Border thickness to zero.

Sizing AutoThumbnails

FrontPage automatically formats thumbnails to be the same size: 100 x 100 pixels. You can resize these pictures (Formatting Pictures) as you would any other. Chances are you'll want them to be consistent, so FrontPage lets you change the size for all thumbnails on a page with one setting. Select Tools » Page Options and click the Auto Thumbnail tab. Here, you can change size, set border width, and apply beveling. Unfortunately, these settings won't apply to any work you've already done. Only thumbnails created after you make changes in Page Options take on these settings.