MS Word

Restore a Mail Merge Document to a Normal Word Document

The Problem:

I bailed out of the mail merge process somewhere before the endright at the point where I got really confused and decided I could paste the addresses into a dozen letters with less grief and gnashing of teeth. But Word still thinks that the letter is a mail-merge document, so now it displays the Mail Merge toolbar every time I open the letter, and it sometimes gives me messages about the data source being missing.

The Solution:

You need to tell Word that the document isn't part of a mail merge any more.

In Word 2003 or Word XP, click the Main Document Setup button (the leftmost button) on the Mail Merge toolbar to display the Main Document Type dialog box (see Figure 9-13). Select the "Normal Word document" option, click the OK button, and save the document. You may still need to close the Mail Merge toolbar manually, but it shouldn't return the next time you open the document.

Figure 9-13. If you terminate a merge, you may need to tell Word that the document isn't a merge document anymore.

In Word 2000, choose Tools » Mail Merge Helper to display the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, click the Create button, and choose Restore to Normal Word Document from the pop-up menu. Click the Yes button in the confirmation message box, click the Close button in the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, and save the document.