PC Hardware

Tutorial 17

  1. In Windows 95, which Windows 3.x program was replaced by Windows Explorer?

    Windows Explorer replaced the Windows 3.x File Manager-the more advanced Explorer is the better choice for computer professionals.

  2. What utilities are provided for managing files in Windows 95?

    Windows 95 uses two programs for managing files: My Computer and Windows Explorer.

  3. How do you partition a drive in Windows 95?

    Use the FDISK program that came with Windows 95 to partition hard disk drives.

  4. What is the function of the Recycle Bin?

    The Recycle Bin provides temporary storage for discarded or deleted files.

  5. What is the System Monitor used for?

    The System Monitor provides real-time reports on how different system processes are performing. It displays various functions using either a line graph, a bar graph, or a numeric graph.

  6. What is the Resource Meter used for?

    The Resource Meter is used to monitor the use of system resources in real time. When activated, it adds a small bar graph to the taskbar (in the notification area) that indicates the percent of free resources (based on the computer's total resources).

  7. Loading which file will cause Windows 95 to report an appropriate version of MS-DOS to older MS-DOS applications?

    With SETVER.EXE loaded, Windows 95 will report a compatible version number to your MS-DOS application.

  8. Identify the four basic kinds of viruses and describe how they are transmitted.

    1. File infector viruses attach themselves to executable files and spread to other files when the program is run.

    2. Boot sector viruses replace the master boot record (or boot sector on a floppy disk). They write themselves into memory any time the computer is booted.

    3. Trojan horse viruses appear to be legitimate programs, but when loaded, begin to harm or destroy the system.

    4. Macro viruses are major nuisances. These viruses commonly infect Word documents. Attaching themselves as executable code to documents, macro viruses run when the documents are opened. (They can also attach to some kinds of e-mail.)

    Your best protection is to acquire and use an antivirus program. Remember to keep it up-to-date as new viruses are created every day.