PC Hardware

Tutorial 19

  1. What items should be included in a cleaning kit?

    A cleaning kit should contain at least the following: lint-free cloth, cleaning solution, foam swabs, and antistatic spray.

  2. Why is ESD dangerous to computers?

    ESD (electrostatic discharge) will destroy electronic components.

  3. Will a properly grounded computer help prevent EMI?

    Yes, a properly grounded computer will help prevent EMI (electromagnetic interference).

  4. Describe some safety precautions you can take to protect yourself from high voltage when working on a computer.

    Never work above your skill level when it comes to safety! Working inside the monitor case should be left to a properly trained technician with the necessary tools to protect against high voltages.

    The power switch on some computers, usually located on the front of the computer, uses 110 volts AC to turn the power supply on or off. If you are working on a computer and it is plugged in to provide proper grounding, this could present a hazard.

  5. What type of fire extinguisher is used for an electrical fire?

    Type C fire extinguishers are used for electrical fires.

  6. How do you clean a keyboard?

    To clean a keyboard, use a hand-held vacuum to remove dust from the small crevasses.

  7. How do you clean a laser printer?

    To clean a laser printer, complete the following steps:

    1. Remove the toner cartridge.

    2. Vacuum dust build-up and excess toner from the interior.

    3. Clean the laser printer's rollers using a damp cloth or denatured alcohol.

    4. Clean the paper-handling motor's gear train, using a swab.

    5. Apply light oil to the gears, using a swab.

    6. Distribute the oil throughout the gear train.

    7. Clean the writing mechanism thoroughly, using compressed air.

    8. If possible, wipe the laser lens with lint-free wipes to remove fingerprints and stains.

    9. Clean the corona wires using a swab dipped in alcohol. Be careful not to break any of the strands; if they are broken, your printer will be rendered useless until they are repaired.

  8. Give one example of a recyclable item that requires special disposal.

    Examples of recyclable items that require special disposal are batteries, toner and cartridge kits, circuit boards, chemical solvents, and monitors (CRTs).

  9. Why is a toner cartridge easy to recycle?

    Often the manufacturer provides a prepaid shipping box to return the cartridge.

  10. What is a material safety data sheet?

    When purchasing or using any kinds of chemicals (for instance, cleaners) be sure to look at the MSDS (material safety data sheet). This form describes the nature of any chemicals manufactured. It includes generic information about the chemical makeup and any recognized hazards of the product (along with what to do and who to call if there is a problem).