Binding HTML Elements to XML Data Using the XML DSO

Once you have created a reference to an XML data source using the xml element, you can bind this data to some of the HTML elements in a document. With some of the elements, you can display the content that is within the element as either text or as HTML. You would display it as HTML when the content contains HTML elements that you want to be rendered as HTML. The following elements can be bound to XML data using the XML DSO in Internet Explorer 5:

HTML Element Bound Property
a href
applet* param
button** innertext, innerhtml
div** innertext, innerhtml
frame src
iframe src
img src
input* type=checkbox checked
input* type=hidden value
input* type=label value
Input* type=password value
input* type=radio checked
input* type=text value
label** innertext, innerhtml
marquee** innertext, innerhtml
object* param
select* option
span** innertext, innerhtml
table -
text* value

* Content in this element can be updated
** Element can be displayed as HTML

The table element is the only HTML element that allows tabular data binding. Tabular data binding allows you to bind all the content of an element in an XML document.