The properties Element

The properties element is a child element of the SOAP Header element and provides information that can be used for identification of the BizTalk message. The section contained within this element must be understood by any BFC server before a message can be properly processed. The properties element has the following child elements: identity, sentAt, expiresAt, and topic. All of these elements are mandatory and can occur only once. An example of the properties element is shown in the following code:

  <prop:properties SOAP-ENV:mustUnderstand="1"

The identity element

The identity element is a URI that will uniquely identify the BizTalk document. This identity can be used for logging, tracking, error handling, or other document handling purposes. Any unique identifier can be used.

The sentAt element

The sentAt element is a timestamp for the document. The time marks the exact time the sending BFC server first attempted to transmit the document.

The expiresAt element

The expiresAt element is the time when the BizTalk message will expire. Any time beyond the time specified in the expiresAt element, the BizTalk message is considered to have expired and cannot be processed. A reasonable amount of time should be created between the time the document is created and the time specified in the expiresAt element.

The topic element

The topic element is a URI that can be used to uniquely identify the general purpose of the BizTalk message. This information has various uses, such as interest-based routing as found in a publish/subscribe arrangement.