Adobe Flash

Resize objects to match the Stage size

When you changed the Stage size, art on the Stage extended off the Stage and into the workspace. You can easily resize the art to match the Stage size again.

On the Stage, click the gray mountains to select them. Shift-click the blue banner at the top of the Stage to add it to the selection.

Open the Align panel (Window > Align).

Tooltips appear in the Align panel showing the names of alignment options.

In the Align panel, select To Stage; then, under Match Size, select Match Width. The size of the selected art changes to match the width of the Stage.

Still in the Align panel, click Align Left Edge.

The art aligns to the left edge of the Stage.

In the Timeline, click the Bevel layer to select it.

From the Library panel (Window > Library), drag the bevel graphic to any area toward the bottom of the Stage.

In the Align panel, verify that To Stage is still selected, and click Match Width.

Click Align Left Edge and Align Bottom Edge.

The bevel aligns to the bottom edge of the Stage.

Close the Library panel and the Align panel.

Specify snap alignment settings

Snapping offers a way of precisely placing an object on the Stage by having the object affix itself to other objects and alignment tools. You'll specify snap align settings to show horizontal and vertical guides, which will assist you in placing art on the Stage.

Select View > Snapping > Snap Align to set this option, if it is not already selected.

Select View > Snapping > Edit Snap Align.

In the Movie Border text box of the Snap Align dialog box, enter 30 px (pixels) to snap objects to a 30-pixel Stage border.

Verify that 10 pixels appears in both the Horizontal and Vertical Snap Tolerance text boxes.

Snap tolerance determines how close an object must be to another object or alignment tool before it snaps into place.

Click OK.

by BrainBellupdated