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Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Workbook and Worksheet
This tutorial covers the following: Entering data, protecting and hiding worksheet, customizing the template, lock and protect cells, remove phantom worksheet and extract data from corrupt workbook.
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Excel Built-in Features
This section covers the following: Validate Data, Conditional Formatting, Highlight Every Other Row or Column, Create 3D Effects in Tables or Cells, Turn Conditional Formatting and Data Validation On and Off with a Checkbox, ComboBox, Search and Replace, Commenting Cells, Sort Columns, Advanced Filter, Subtotals
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Naming Data
Learn how to: Use the Same Name for Ranges on Different Worksheets, Create Custom Functions Using Names, Create Ranges That Expand and Contract, Nest Dynamic Ranges for Maximum Flexibility, Identify Named Ranges on a Worksheet and Address Data by Name
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Working with PivotTables
PivotTables are one of the wildest but most powerful features of Excel that may take some experimentation to figure out
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Build Pivot Tables By Using VBA
In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a Pivot Table, using a powerful macro language called Visual Basic for Application (VBA)
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Working with Charts
This tutorial describe how to make charts in MS Excel, how to use wizard to make a chart and many more techniques for beginner & advance level users.
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Formulas and Functions
The formula and function capabilities built into Excel might not always be what you want, further complicating the situation. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can keep your formulas and functions sane.
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Macros
Macros make it wonderfully easy to automate repetitive tasks in Excel, but the way they're created and the facilities for using them are sometimes problematic. Fortunately, Excel is flexible enough that you can fix those problems and create new features with a minimum of effort.
Microsoft Office Excel Tutorials Connecting Excel to the World
Excel has long had connections to other members of the Microsoft Office family, as well as to databases. With the growth of the Web, Excel developed HTML export capabilities as well, making it easy to publish information created in Excel.
Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorials Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorials
This tutorials covers the entire gamut of how to build spreadsheets, add and format information, print reports, create charts and graphics, and use basic formulas and functions by using MS Excel 2007.
5 Reasons to Back Up Data
Backing up information is a common necessity for business and website owners, but many people are going from backing up with physical memory to backing up online. Using an online service presents many advantages that some people do not realize. This article will list all five of the best advantages to backing up online.