Blender and Unity 3D Tutorials

Making lamp with Blender and Unity

Making a kerosene lamp using Blender and Unity software. I'll explain how we'll model the lamp in Blender and export that model into Unity to apply materials and some adjustments for better appearance. We'll add ground and wall to our scene, apply texture to ground & wall, and add normal maps to material for the realistic look. We'll also explore how to add and setup the lighting to our whole scene.

Making lamp (Part-2) : Setting-up scene

In the second part of "Making Lamp" tutorial we'll apply material to our lamp model in Unity. So, open unity, import the lamp made in blender and drag it into the scene.

Making knife or dragger in Blender

In first part, we'll model the knife by making it's handle and then blade. Later, We'll apply material...

Making knife (Part-2) : Apply Material

In this section we'll apply material and lighting to our model. We also make a scene by adding ground, walls and some finalized knives instances...

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