MS Word

Save a Preview for a Template

The Problem:

Most of the templates in the Templates dialog box have preview pictures. I want to add previews to my custom templates so that users can get an idea of what they're used for.

The Solution:

Open the template (choose File » Open, or right-click the template in a Windows Explorer window and choose Open from the shortcut menu). Choose File » Properties, click the Summary tab, check the "Save preview picture" box, and then click the OK button. Save the template and close it.

How to Remove Personal Data from a Document

The Problem:

Last month, a colleague blew the whistle on a few corners our boss had been cutting. She anonymously dropped HR a document, but it turned out that her name was hidden in it somewhereso now she's no longer working here.

The Solution:

In each document you save, Word stores your username (as entered on the User Information tab of the Options dialog box) and other identifying information. Word 2003 and Word XP let you easily remove personal data from a document; Word 2000 does not, but you can choose File » Properties and manually delete particular items of information.

To remove personal data from Word 2003/XP documents, choose Tools » Options, click the Security tab, and check the "Remove personal information from file properties on save" box. For security, you may also want to check the "Warn before printing, saving or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments" box so that Word prevents you from saving or sending a file that contains text that may be hidden from you.

After choosing these options, you must save the document to make the options take effect.

by BrainBellupdated