MS Word

Return to Your Last Three Edits

The Problem:

I'd like to be able to flip back to where I was last working.

The Solution:

Press Shift+F5 one, two, or three times. A fourth press takes you back to the position from which you started.

When you close a document, Word stores only the last editing location, not the last three; so when you reopen the document, you can use Shift+F5 only once to return to the last editing location. Because of the way that Word 2000 and later versions close files when you exit Word, Word may not save the last editing location in some files. However, if you close your files manually before exiting Word, it will always save the last editing location.

Work in Two Parts of a Document at Once

The Problem:

I often need to work in two parts of a document at the same time. I'm getting whiplash from flipping back and forth.

The Solution:

Split the window (choose Window » Split) or open a second window (choose Window » New Window). You may sometimes need to use both multiple windows and splitting when working with complex documents.

You can use the Virtual Desktop Manager PowerToy ( to run two or more virtual desktops.If you're generally underwhelmed by Word's navigation and editing features, check out WordToys ( There's a free version that offers a wide variety of appealing enhancements, and a Professional version ($20) that provides even more.

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