Adobe Flash

Add an input text field

You can use an input text field to allow viewers an opportunity to interact with your Flash application. For example, input text fields offer an easy way to create forms.

In a later lesson (select Help > Flash Tutorials > ActionScript: Create a Form with Conditional Logic and Send Data), you'll learn how to use an input text field to send data from Flash to a server. Now, you'll add a text field where viewers will enter their first name.

In the Timeline, select the Input Text layer.

Use the Selection tool to click in the workspace, away from the objects on the Stage.

In the Tools panel, select the Text tool.

In the text Property inspector, set the following options:

  • Select Input Text in the Text Type pop-up menu

  • Select Arial in the Font pop-up menu.

  • For the font size, enter 8.

  • Click the text color box and select a shade of dark blue.

  • Select the Alias Text button.

    The Alias Text button renders text so that it appears more readable at small sizes. For input text, this option is supported if the end user has Macromedia Flash Player 7 or later.

  • Select Single Line in the Line Type pop-up menu, and verify that Show Border Around Text is selected.

    Single Line displays the text as one line. Show Border Around Text indicates the boundaries of the text field with a visible border.

On the Stage, drag the pointer in the area to the right of the First Name text to create an input text field.

If necessary, use the Selection tool to reposition the input text field.