Adobe Flash

Edit text and change font attributes

When you select text, the Property inspector displays standard type formatting features. You can use the Property inspector to change font and size properties for a selected text object.

In the Tools panel, click the Selection tool. Double-click the text on the Stage that reads "Submit your contact information".

Select the letter's then type Please s, so that the text now reads "Please submit your contact information".

In the Tools panel, click the Selection tool. Use the Property inspector to select the bold style.

Click the text Fill Color control and select a different text color, such as another shade of gray.

Select device fonts

When you use a font installed on your system in a Flash document, Flash embeds the font information in the Flash SWF file to ensure that the font is displayed properly. In addition to embedding fonts, you can use the device fonts option. This option finds the fonts on a viewer's computer that most closely resemble the specified device font. You can use device fonts only with static text.

You'll specify that the selected text uses device fonts.

With the "Please submit your contact information" text still selected on the Stage, in the Font pop-up menu in the Property inspector, select _sans.

In the Property inspector, select Use Device Fonts.

You will not see a difference in the text if you have the Arial font installed on your computer.