Adobe Flash

Create a fixed-width text block

In addition to creating a line of text that expands as you type, you can create a text block that has a fixed width. Text that you enter into a fixed-width text block wraps to the next line at the edge of the block.

You'll now create a static text block with fixed dimensions.

Verify that the Static Text layer is still selected in the Timeline, and use the Selection tool to deselect any objects on the Stage or Timeline frames (click in the workspace, away from objects)

In the Tools panel, select the Text tool.

In the Property inspector, change the text size to 10 points.

On the Stage, drag your pointer over the area of the Text 2 guide.

An extendable one-line static text block has a round handle in the upper-right corner, and a fixed-width static text block has a square handle.

Inside the text block that you created, type Want to learn more?


You can drag the square handle for a text block to change its width. Additionally, you can double-click a square handle to convert it into a round expanding handle.

If necessary, align the text by clicking the Selection tool in the Tools panel and dragging the text that you typed above the Text 2 guide.