POTS Troubleshooting Procedures

Troubleshooting a dial-up connection problem can be tricky and time-consuming because you must consider many variables. In fact, of the remote connectivity mechanisms discussed in this chapter, you are far more likely to have problems with a POTS connection than any of the others. The following are some places to start your troubleshooting under various conditions.

If the user is unable to dial out, try the following:

  • Check physical connections.

  • Check that there is a dial tone on the line.

If the user can dial out but can't get a connection, try the following:

  • Make sure that the user is dialing the correct number.

  • Call the ISP to determine whether it is having problems.

  • Determine if Call Waiting is enabled on the line, or there is some other telephone provider service interfering with communications.

If the user can dial out and can get a connection but is then disconnected, try the following:

  • Ensure that the modem connection is configured correctly.

  • Check that the username and password are correct.

  • Verify that the connection settings are correct.