Home Satellite Troubleshooting Procedures

Your ability to troubleshoot satellite Internet connections might be very limited. The hardware associated with home satellite remote access installations are very specialized, and equipment providers often prefer that you let them do the hardware troubleshooting. Given this limitation, calls to technical support occur very early in the troubleshooting process.

Wireless Internet Access Troubleshooting Procedures

Troubleshooting wireless access is normally confined to ensuring that the adapter is functioning correctly and configured properly.

The main factors that can affect wireless access are environmental conditions and outside interference. Many people who live in areas that often have fog or other damp conditions experience poor performance (or none at all) from wireless Internet service.

Here are some specific things you should check when troubleshooting a wireless connection:

  • Check the configuration of the wireless interface.

  • Move the computer around to find out if it's in a dead spot.

  • Check with other people to see if there is a problem with the service, rather than just your system.

If you are sure that everything is configured correctly, you might have to contact the wireless provider to see if anything is amiss.