Troubleshooting DSL is similar to troubleshooting any other Internet connection. The following are a few things to check when users are experiencing problems with a DSL connection:

  • Physical connections

  • The NIC installed in the computer system

  • Network card drivers

  • Protocol configuration

  • LEDs on the DSL modem

Cable Troubleshooting Procedures

In general, cable Internet access is a low-maintenance system with very few problems. When problems do occur, you can try various troubleshooting measures:

  • Check the physical connections.

  • Ensure that the protocol configuration on the system is valid.

  • Check the indicator lights on the cable modem.

  • Cycle the power on the cable modem, and on the system.

If you are sure that the connectors are all in place and the configuration of the system is correct, the next step is to call the technical support line of the cable provider.