Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity

Remote connectivity errors are bugs that prevent you from connecting to the office network, from remotely dialing in to your home computer, or from logging on to your ISP and subsequently the Internet.

Although many means and methods are available for establishing remote connectivity, network administrators can focus their attention on some common hot spots when troubleshooting errors, including authentication failure, protocol configuration problems, and physical connectivity.

Troubleshooting Physical Connectivity

When you're troubleshooting remote connectivity errors, it is often easy to forget the most basic troubleshooting practices. By this, we mean ensuring that all the physical connections are in place. When you suspect a physical connectivity problem, here are a few key places to look:

  • Faulty cable

  • Improperly connected cable

  • Incorrect cable

  • Faulty interface

  • Faulty networking devices

Now that we have looked at some of the more generalized considerations of remote connectivity troubleshooting from a physical perspective, we'll focus specifically on some of the commonly used remote access technologies.