Learning a 3D

Figure 4-78. The final look with a little bit of the original reflections showing to make a realistic reflection

Learning a 3D Program?

One option a retoucher may want to consider is learning a 3D program. On one of those occasions when you may be asked to create something that really doesn't exist, it could come in handy. Take for instance the car ad in Figure 4-79, which I did for a fishing related magazine. I created the road entirely in a 3D program called Lightwave ( It is fairly easy to learn as far as 3D programs go, and it works on both the Mac and PC platforms. It would have been pretty difficult, if not impossible, in Photoshop. The road was created as a wire frame imagethe texture, in this case, was asphaltand then wrapped around the wire frame shape. I added some shadowing and the road lines in Photoshop. The truck was then brought in and modified with the Liquify tool. Additional shadows were added beneath the truck as well.

Figure 4-79. A 3D image created in Lightwave