MS Access

Hiding a Column

A hidden column or field is still in your tableyou just can't see it. You can temporarily hide a column when you want to reduce the amount of information that is displayed on the screen.

Hide a field by right-clicking the field name and selecting Hide Columns from the shortcut menu.

The Unhide Columns dialog box lets you check and uncheck the columns you wish to hide or display.

The procedure for and unhiding a column is almost the same as freezing a column. Here it is:

  1. If it isn't already open, open the Employees table.

    Here's how to hide a field.

  2. Right-click the Last Name field name and select Hide Columns from the shortcut menu, as shown in figure.

    The Last Name field is temporarily hidden from view.

    You can select and hide several columns at once by clicking the first field name and then dragging to the last field name, but you will have to select Format » Hide Columns from the menu. You can't right-click any of the columns to display the shortcut menu without deselecting the columns.

    When you want to make your hidden columns reappear try this:

  3. Select Format » Unhide Columns from the menu.

    The Unhide Columns dialog box appears, as shown in figure. To redisplay a column, simply click the check box next to the field you want to see again.

  4. Click the Last Name check box and click Close.

    Poof! The Last Name field is redisplayed.

To hide a column:

  • right-click the column field name you want to hide and select hide columns from the shortcut menu.

to unhide a column:

  • select format » unhide columns from the menu.