MS FrontPage

Deleting and Editing Behaviors

Call for Scriptwriters

So far, you've read about a lot of tricks FrontPage creates for you by inserting scripts based on your settings in the Behaviors task pane. But what if you've got some JavaScript of your own you'd like to run? No problem. In Code view, insert the script into the <head> section of your page. Choose your trigger tag, and in the Behaviors task pane, click Insert » Call Script. Then type the name of your script (like myscript() or greateffect() or whatever you name it) and click OK. Then set the event. Note that JavaScript is case sensitive. Get the name right, or a browser won't be able to find your script.

If it's just a single line of JavaScript that you want to call, type it directly in the box. For instance, you could create a "Print this Page" button on your page, and have it trigger a Call Script action that lets a viewer print your page with a click. Type window.print() in the Call Script action dialog box, click OK, and then set the onclick event.

If a behavior you've added isn't working out, you can easily get rid of it or modify its settings. You do both in the Behaviors task pane.

To display a behavior, you need to select the tag or page element you first attached it to. Then you'll see all related behaviors set on that tag appear in the Behaviors task pane. To delete a behavior, right-click it, and then select Delete. Or click the action and then, at the top of the task pane, click Delete. Be careful heredon't press the Delete key. If you do, FrontPage deletes the entire element, not just the action you attached to it.

If all you need to do is make a change, it's easy to modify a behavior. To change a behavior's event, just click the event in the Behaviors task pane, and then make another selection from the drop-down menu that displays, or right-click the action and select Choose Event. To edit an action, just double-click it in the task pane and make changes in the dialog box that opens.