MS Word

Print a Range of Pages

The Problem:

I know how to print separate pages or ranges of pages by entering 1,6,8-20 or whatever in the Pages text box in the Print dialog box. But now I need to print only some sections of a documentor, better yet, only some pages within particular sections.

The Solution:

You can tell Word which sections you want to print by using s and a number to represent each section. For example, s1 prints Section 1, s1-s3 prints Sections 1 through 3, and s2,s4 prints Sections 2 and 4.

To create sections within your documents, choose Insert » Break and select the appropriate type of section break.

If you need to print only some pages within a section, use p and a number to represent the page and s and a number to represent the section. For example, p2s4 refers to Page 2 in Section 4. The easiest way to get the designation correct is to move the insertion point to the page you want to print and then look at the Page X Sec Y readout at the left end of the status bar.

To print a range that spans sections, type the starting point, a hyphen, and the ending point in the Pages text box. For example, p2s2-p6s4 prints from Page 2, Section 2 to Page 6, Section 4.

Print Double-Sided Pages Without a Duplex Printer

The Problem:

Okay, here's the problem. I need duplex printingbut all I've got is a single-side laser printer. The copier wants the first page facing forward, the second page facing backward, the third page facing forward, and so on.

The Solution:

You've got me turned around toobut you should be able to achieve the effect you need by playing around with the "Odd pages" and "Even pages" options in the Print drop-down list in the regular Print dialog box and the "Front of the sheet" and "Back of the sheet" boxes on the Print tab (click the Options button in the regular Print dialog box). Print out one set of pages, print out the other, and then shuffle the two in your best casino manner and deal them to the copier.

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