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Remove Duplicate Entries from a List

The Problem:

So far, so goodthe membership list is now in the format "Membershipnumber Tab Lastname, Firstname," and I've sorted it into ascending order using Table » Sort. But I can already see a ton of duplicate entries that I'll need to knock out.

The Solution:

Regular expressions to the rescue again! Choose Edit » Replace to display the Find and Replace dialog box. Next, clear any formatting and check the "Use wildcards" box. Enter (*^13)(\1)@ in the "Find what" box and \1 in the "Replace with" box. Click the Replace All button. The \1 identifies a recurrence of the previous expressionin this case, any sequence of characters followed by a carriage return (represented by the code ^13). The @ makes Word find one or more occurrences of the repeated item. So the expression (*^13)(\1)@ finds a paragraph that is repeated by itself one or more times, and the replacement \1 replaces what is found (the repeated paragraph or paragraphs) with the paragraph itself.

Master Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

The Problem:

I'm sick and tired of navigating with the mouseevery time I move my hand over to it, it wastes a couple of seconds. But moving around with the arrow keys sucks even more.

The Solution:

Use the keyboard shortcuts shown in Table 3-3 to navigate quickly around your documents. If you want to select text, hold down the Shift key while you press the keyboard shortcut.

Table 3-3. Keyboard shortcuts for navigating in documents

Keyboard shortcut

Moves (or, with Shift, selects)


One word to the left, or to the start of the current word

Ctrl+ »

One word to the right, or to the end of the current word


To the beginning of the current paragraph (if the insertion point is in it) or the beginning of the previous paragraph


To the beginning of the next paragraph


To the beginning of the document, text box, or other story (for example, a header)


To the end of the document, text box, or other story

Word calls the separate components of a documentthe main document, text boxes, and other such itemsstories.

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