MS Word

Wrap Text Around a Picture

The Problem:

I'm trying to put a picture in my document with the text wrapping around it. But every time I insert the picture, Word puts it in line with the text.

The Solution:

The immediate fix for this picture is to right-click it, choose Format Picture, click the Layout tab, and select the "In front of text" option. You can specify the horizontal alignment by clicking the Advanced button and choosing the appropriate positioning and wrapping settings in the Advanced Layout dialog box. Alternatively, drag the graphic to the desired position.

If you want to make Word always place pictures in a different way than in line with the text, choose Tools » Options, click the Edit tab, and choose the appropriate option (for example, "Behind text") in the "Insert/paste pictures as" drop-down list. Word 2000 doesn't offer this option.

Make Graphics Visible in Print Layout View

The Problem:

Why is there a difference between page view and print view as far as graphics are concerned? I want to see all the graphics all the time, in any view.

The Solution:

It sounds as though you've got Word's "Picture placeholders" option turned on. (The usual reason for turning on picture placeholders is to make the document scroll faster.) When this option is on, Print Layout view displays only placeholdersempty rectanglesto indicate where pictures appear. This option doesn't apply to Print Preview, so when you switch to Print Preview, your pictures appear.

To turn off placeholders, choose Tools » Options, click the View tab, and uncheck the "Picture placeholders" box. Word will then display all pictures in every view.

by BrainBellupdated