Excel 2019

Microsoft Excel 2019

Cell and Range

A cell is a single element in a worksheet and a range is a collection (or groups) of one or more cells.

External References to other worksheets and workbooks

Learn how to reference cells and ranges that are in different worksheets or workbooks.

Relative, Absolute, Mix and Named References

Learn the four types of cells references: Relative, Absolute, Mix and Named

R1C1 Reference Style

In R1C1 style, Excel use numbers 1,2,3 for both columns and rows. The cell A1 is referred to as cell R1C1, cell A2 as R2C1, cell B1 as R1C2, cell B2 as R2C2 and so on.

VBA and Macros

Learn how to use VBA to develop macros to automate tasks and manipulate objects to control Office applications.

Absolute and Relative Macro Recording

Excel records actual cell references when we use absolute recording mode. To change the macro recording mode, click the Developer tab, and press the Use Relative Reference button in the Code group.

Working with Events

Excel fires events in response of user actions. Events are procedures that automatically trigger when something happens to the Excel application.

VBE - The VBA Editor

This tutorial walks you through the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and shows you its most important features.

VBA Data Types

This tutorial explains the data types that VBA supports and the amount of memory each variable type requires. This tutorial also list the type-declaration characters.

Explaining VBa Data Types with Examples

In last tutorial we briefly discussed the VBA's built-in data types. Now we'll try to understand the each data type through examples.

How to use Loops in VBA

VBA provides a number of ways to use loops in your code. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the different types of loops. VBA provides several different looping structures.

For Each … Next Loop

Learn how to use For Each loop in VBA. It is similar to the For…Next loop except it works with collections.

Do While Loop

The do while loop executes as long as the specified condition is true. Loop ends if the condition isn’t True.

Do Until Loop

A Do Until...Loop is similar to a Do While...Loop. The difference is how the condition works.

Getting Started

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